Mission Statement :

Our mission is not to get caught up in mission statements. A mission statement locks you into a certain mindset. We need to be flexible but uncompromising, because our audience changes faster than you can write a mission statement. Our mission: just make beautiful hair!

Kira & Mark

Creademic history & reason why!

The backbone and the fundamental character of our spirit and culture in Creademic, is that we are uncompromising, carefully selecting the members of our education and creative team. Our belief and working method, is based on Creademic System® and many years of experience in educating hairdressers.

Creademic System® is a unique system that will lead you through a world of precision cutting techniques and services.

The philosophy behind Creademic System® is: learn from true knowledge, and truly understand it. The modern hairdresser works with techniques and practices from the early 60s. They have been experimented with and explored to such a degree ,that they were diluted and almost vanished like many other things.

We have worked over the last 15 years to rediscover, the core of our great craft, recover the original techniques in their true form.

They are now updated and fit, within the modern hairdressing world, in an innovative system. This gives you the opportunity, to achieve an incomparable understanding of your work, whether you are still in training or have years of experience already.

Creademic is an uncompromising community of like-minded creatives. We carefully select the creative path we are following, to strengthen, educate and inspire hairdressers, and stylists all over the world, seeding creative and personal growth. Our desire is to provoke, inspire and educate hairdressers imagination through creativity and craftsmanship.

Creademic is an creative playground, our academic approach leads to limitless creativity. Visually driven, original, determined, influential, passionate, and visionary, these are in short terms keywords in our philosophy.